Corporate Sustainability

Conducting good business is always good for business. To best serve our customers, we must advance our commitment to corporate sustainability (CS). Our principles of Corporate Sustainability are based on the premise of creating collective value for enhancing human, natural, social and financial capital. It seeks to demonstrate accountability to all stakeholders, and communicates a fundamental belief in the equilibrium of people, planet and profit. We believe that connecting with initiatives that greatly impact people and the environment enriches the lives of others and the lives of our employees.

To leave a positive mark on the world, Tata Communications believes we must grow and nurture new resources for our communities while protecting and conserving our existing resources.

Grow and Nurture
Advancing life is about more than technology, it requires individual investment in the communities in which we live and conduct our business. Our global team at Tata Communications rolls up its sleeves to participate in initiatives that nurture and sustain people and the environment.

Protect and Conserve
To truly give back, Tata Communications believes we must also work toward “taking less.”
Our commitment to developing “green technology” initiatives that conserve energy is unwavering. These initiatives enable our customers worldwide to leverage our communications solutions to reduce their company’s carbon footprint.

Key Initiatives

Health and Wellness
Our global team participates in initiatives aimed at providing outreach and care to homeless children and children living with HIV and AIDS.

Literacy and Education
Opening a new world of communications begins by opening up access to a world of information and opportunity. Our company, along with six other companies in the Tata Group, offers children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their own books. Tata Communications and First Book donate thousands of new books to help cultivate the imaginations of low-income children.

Sustainable Livelihood
Apart from health and education initiatives, Sustainable Livelihood is one of the important focus areas of our Community Outreach Programme. It aims at building trust, imparting skills, creating capacities and improving the quality of life for communities across the globe. The delivery model is based on multi-stakeholder partnerships with national governments and non-profit organizations to identify beneficiaries, provide vocational training and implement sustainable income generating mechanisms for the socio-economically disadvantaged.

Environmental Clean-up Projects
Recognizing the importance of protecting nature, employee volunteers participate in environmental clean-up initiatives with children. The project enables our team to connect with and educate young people about the vital need to protect our environment.

CO2 Emissions Reduction
Helping customers to decrease their reliance on business travel reduces CO2 emission rates. The Tata Communications Telepresence Exchange service leverages technology to provide companies with a virtual meeting space that is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative to business travel. A growing number of enterprises leverage our Telepresence Exchange service to conduct virtual business meetings and reduce company costs and CO2 emission rates.