TATA Communications Lanka Ltd. (formerly VSNL Lanka Ltd.) is a subsidiary of TATA Communications, a TATA group company and one of the largest telecom player in the world. TATA Communications Lanka Ltd. brings with it the rich traditions and business ethics of the TATA Group as espoused by TATA Communications India too, its parent Organization. The company, under its former name VSNL Lanka Ltd., was incorporated on 12th June 2003 as a Public Limited Company incorporated under the companies Act (No. 17 of 1982) of Sri Lanka. The company obtained External Gateway Operator License (EGO) on 29th June 2003 and commenced operations in February 2004. Within few years of its operation, the company has created a niche for itself for catering to the International Telecommunication needs in Sri Lanka.

The Company was renamed as TATA Communications Lanka Ltd. on 19th March 2008.