Contact Center

You recognize the importance of managing risk and maintaining full control of your contact centers, while having the flexibility to move into new geographic markets quickly.

Our hosted model enables you to adapt to growth fluctuations through an on-demand model. Your focus stays on helping your customers, not scaling your solutions.

Hosted Contact Center

Reduce costs without compromising capabilities. We provide globally enabled hosted contact center solutions that run on best-in-class platforms, and provide a smooth transition to IP. Simplify management and use your existing resources more efficiently by creating a single, virtual contact center, and provide a seamless customer experience across all your locations.


We offer the easiest path for deploying a full-featured contact center for your small or mid-sized business. Our packaged solution means you’re up and running quickly, and our hosted model lets you keep your focus on serving customers.

Managed Voice

We make it simple for you to leverage the increased flexibility and lower TCO of VoIP with our managed solution. We ensure that you enjoy high call completion and superior voice quality.

InstaCC Global

Take advantage of a network-based, hosted, multi-tenant, multi-media contact center system that drives collaboration in the enterprise ecosystem. The service is hosted in best-in-class data centers, which are backed by full service and support and industry-leading security.