Hosted Contact Center

We deliver a range of managed, hosted solutions covering India and International geographies, so you can leverage advanced voice and multimedia capabilities simply and seamlessly in any location. We have two services which cover customer needs for India centric solutions with InstaCC and International multi-site, multi-geography requirements (including India located sites) with InstaCC Global.

Tools for Global Leaders

Simplify management with a unified view into your global agent pool. We can standardize your platform across all locations, and deliver our services over the network with the most reach into India and around the world.

Flexible Solutions

There’s no need to pay for excess capacity to meet seasonal demand or future-proof your contact center. Enjoy predictable operating costs, size your solution to meet your current needs and upgrade seamlessly as your business evolves.

Flexible solutions allow you to add capabilities that complement your existing infrastructure. Pick and choose from the list below, or let us help you put together a complete solution tailored to the needs of your contact center.


  • Network Routing Services – intelligent call routing, distribution and queuing
  • Global IVR – speech-enabled self-service capabilities
  • On-Demand Call Center – inbound and outbound calls managed from a single platform
  • On-Demand eCenter – multimedia capabilities, including co-browsing and email
  • On-Demand Contact Center – voice and multimedia capabilities in a single workflow with sophisticated management and reporting capabilities