Global Media and Entertainment

Maximize your Edge in the Digital World

Digital Media Maximized is the cornerstone of our Global Media and Entertainment Solutions (GMES) division, representing our commitment to enable our customers to tap into enhanced creative, reach and profitability through services that drive efficient production, management and distribution of digital media globally.

We created our GMES division to help you move ahead in the rapidly evolving digital media economy, even while working across diverse digital formats and evolving delivery platforms. This dedicated division delivers a suite of solutions enabling media management throughout the value chain including: creation, movement, workflow, asset management, security, storage and repurposing.

By leveraging our media delivery infrastructure comprised of media applications, network and managed services expertise, you can take advantage of cost-effective premium content management and distribution solutions.

Are you optimized for the digital media economy?

Your audience has a dazzling array of entertainment choices, and is highly discerning in its expectation of a rich, accessible and timely entertainment experience.

Globalization has enabled a new workforce to come together to create your media products and services. This opportunity introduces emerging challenges in how to achieve effective collaboration, including the need to integrate traditional creative centers with emerging market destinations, sharing a powerful array of media components.

Tata Communications offers a range of efficient and innovative tools to help you collaborate more effectively on content creation, maximize revenue streams and optimize your global delivery strategies to reach a worldwide audience.

Have you maximized your revenue streams?

Online broadcasting can provide access to new audiences and new revenue streams for all players in the media and entertainment market. However, a new set of infrastructure requirements and new tools are required to deliver a high-quality and user-friendly experience.

With a full suite of Internet-enabled media management, media processing and platform formatting tools, from a Tier-1 global IP backbone, to data centers, cloud-based applications and a content delivery network optimized for high-definition video, Tata Communications can help you bridge the gap between broadcast and Internet and tap into new revenue streams.

How can we help media companies thrive?

We can help you focus on creativity while benefiting from leading-edge tools and services that meet the challenge of creative excellence in a shorter time to market. We recognize that your content may require intensive digital production and collaboration across teams that can be distributed around the globe.

We provide secure networked workflow solutions that enable you to share, manage and improve production processes in a highly efficient manner.