Satellite Broadcasting

As a media organization, you are faced with the challenge of digitizing operations on the right satellite, with coverage of your choice, and broadcasting content to reach new audiences.

Global Service Delivery

Leverage our extensive satellite network on “Hot Birds” as well as our domain expertise to efficiently connect with new audiences. As the only operator in India to have satellite and a Dedicated Global Video Connect Network, our one-stop Satellite Broadcasting solution seamlessly delivers large files of content to broadcasters around the globe.

Flexible and Reliable

Through ensured last-mile connectivity with a backup link via alternative methods, Tata Communications allows you to reliably deliver media content to mass audiences. Maintain the high standard of service your existing customers require and tap into new audiences by taking advantage of our cost-effective premium distribution solutions.

Key advantages of Satellite Broadcasting:

  • Dedicated Global Video Network
  • Teleport fiber
  • One-stop solution
  • Highest level of technical expertise