Video Connect

With its heavy bandwidth usage and potential for lag and jitter, seamless video transmission is one of the key challenges facing the media industry today.

Enhance User Experience

Built on the world’s most advanced, dedicated video network, Tata Communications’ Video Connect service ensures premium quality video delivery. Leverage constant bandwidth availability and video transmission at constant bit rates on 4x protected fiber paths to optimize your end users’ viewing experience.

Seamless Delivery

Signals are received from a playout room, studio or other facility and are transmitted over fiber on a DTM platform to Tata Communications’ nearest Video Connect Point-of-Presence (PoP) for seamless delivery.

Consistent and Secure

Video Connect offers an uptime equivalent to satellite by having an auto rerouting feature between Pacific and Atlantic routes in the undersea cable system for international connectivity. We also offer a mesh network for domestic networks over and above the basic triple-protected SDH network between Video Connect PoPs on a DTM platform.

With connections to the main media hubs and teleports of the world, including DIRECTV, DISH Network, RRsat, GlobeCast, auto rerouting worldwide and 24x7x365 connectivity, premium video reaches its intended destination irrespective of fiber cuts or outages.

Key Advantages of Video Connect:

  • Dedicated Global Video Network
  • Optimized video delivery and revenue
  • Maximum uptime
  • End-to-end management
  • Global distribution and reach
  • Reliable, secure solution
  • On-demand solution, with flexible pricing