Instant Performance

What if there were a way to reduce IT costs and complexity, while gaining access to resources and applications whenever and wherever you need them. A simple, yet comprehensive suite of solutions that would enable you to improve teamwork, drive efficiency and enhance your business agility.

Now there is. With Instant Performance.

What is Instant Performance?

Instant Performance is a suite of services designed to transform your business with anytime, anywhere access to self-serve, pay-as-you-go business applications and IT infrastructure. Backed by our Tier-1 global network, Instant Performance fosters growth, innovation and collaboration to give you the competitive advantages you need to win in the marketplace – all without the expensive capital required for traditional IT.

Instant Performance cloud solutions include: InstaCompute and InstaApps.



IT Resources in an Instant

Get scalable data center IT resources over the Internet with InstaCompute. This flexible, cost-effective, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution provides the variable cloud computing power you need to keep up with changing business demands. With pay-as-you-go pricing, security and guaranteed service levels, InstaCompute is ideal for businesses seeking faster time to market and increased competitiveness. Tap into IT power and storage as needed with InstaCompute



Applications in an Instant

Take advantage of a portfolio of on-demand, easy-to-deploy SaaS applications, and lower total costs while increasing efficiency. These pay-as-you-go business productivity applications include InstaOffice powered by Google Apps, InstaCRM customer relationship management tools, InstaECM enterprise content management system and InstaCC hosted contact center solutions.

Drive productivity, reduce system maintenance and management costs, and focus your IT resources on core business initiatives with InstaApps.

Why Cloud?

From empowering your employees with business cloud applications to provisioning compute
servers for developers, cloud computing offers a flexible means to access cutting-edge services and infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of traditional IT. With Instant Performance from Tata Communications, you can leverage solutions available when and where you need them, with around-the-clock expertise and support.