InstaApps is an integral part of our promise to bring our customers Instant Performance, providing immediate access to applications anytime, anywhere. The InstaApps suite of products includes InstaOffice powered by Google Apps, InstaCRM, InstaECM and InstaCC and is constantly expanding to enable customers to tap into a range of benefits including lower TCO and increased efficiency.


Tata Communications has teamed up with Google to provide InstaOffice powered by Google Apps. Drive productivity across your enterprise with a suite of on-demand, no-capex communication and collaboration tools.



When it comes to your customers, we know how important it is to you to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. InstaCRM enables you to improve sales efficiency and the customer experience, while lowering costs. Find out more about InstaCRM


Make decisions quickly and effectively with information accessible when and where you need it with our enterprise class InstaECM solution. With logical and functional security and efficient document retrieval and workflows, InstaECM ensures that your critical content is a key enabler in the success of your day-to-day business. Find out more about InstaECM


Deploy next generation contact center capabilities quickly and easily, for minimum investment with InstaCC. Take advantage of a unified, scalable and managed portfolio of contact center applications, a customized monthly rate plan and local access and international voice and data connectivity. Find out more about InstaCC