Cloud-based security services, deployed within our IP backbone, complement your premise-based security components to deliver a comprehensive solution. We offer purpose-built architecture and scalable capacity to combat the full range of security threats you face.

Internet Clean Pipe – DDoS Protection

Tata Communications’ Dedicated Internet Access provides a clean pipe solution for high speed Internet built on a global, Tier-1, IP backbone with bundled DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. While premise-based devices leave bandwidth vulnerable, Tata Communications’ combined service provides a network based security solution that delivers Internet connectivity plus security protection.

vProxy (Virtual Proxy) Service

A cloud-based web security service that provides secure and malware free internet traffic to end users. It removes viruses, spyware, and other threats seamlessly from the internet sites accessed by end users. This service is ideal for organizations that need to deploy a centralized proxy service, but would prefer not to setup an in-house infrastructure and security expertise. The service can be used to secure internet connectivity for offices, distributed sites and even roaming users.

DDoS Detection and Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks target web sites, hosted applications or network infrastructure by absorbing all available bandwidth and disrupting access for customers, partners and employees.

Our DDoS Detection and Mitigation service is a network-based anomoly identification, notification and mitigation services that protects your serviers and your last-mile bandwidth against disruption by DDoS attackers, while still allowing legitimate traffic to flow normally during an attack.


Stop harmful communications before they enter your network. ReadyMailSecure filters and quarantines spam, viruses, malware, and inappropriate content before it reaches your users, protecting you against security breaches and productivity losses.

Cloud Security Service

Deploy all-in-one coverage for common security needs leveraging the industry-leading Fortinet platform. Our Cloud Security Service provides real-time security monitoring and management in the cloud, for significant cost savings in both capital expenditures and management costs over a premise-based solution.

Vulnerability Management Service

Our Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) provides a proactive solution for detecting, prioritizing, and remediating security vulnerabilities. Designed for both large-scale global deployments, as well as small or remote offices, VMS is an on-demand service that provides discovery, policy creation, scanning, reporting, and remediation workflows to quickly and accurately identify and remediate security vulnerabilities. Four service levels provide flexible options to meet your unique requirements.

Managed Authentication

Protect your network from unauthorized access which can compromise sensitive information, and cause irreparable financial and brand reputation damage. Managed Authentication is a cost-effective service which leverages two-factor authentication – a user-created personal identification number (PIN) and a randomly generated token code – to ensure that your network remains secure.

Hard and soft token options offer users the flexibility to choose between self-installed token software and a fully-managed physical device.