Mobile Video Telephony

Tap into new revenue and enable worldwide delivery of high-quality mobile video telephony calls

Innovative and Efficient

As a pioneer in the transport of ISDN traffic, Mobile Video Telephony’s underlying technology, we enable seamless transport of mobile video telephony calls, ensuring a high-quality image.

Streamline invoicing and processes by using a single provider. Tata Communications supports all your mobile services: VTS Prime, Mobile Direct and Mobile Video Telephony.

Flexible, Industry-leading Service

We offer you diverse routing options to best meet your unique business needs. Take advantage of a dedicated interconnection specifically for your Mobile Video Telephony and ISDN calls, or an integrated interconnection which carries Mobile Video Telephony, ISDN and other voice traffic on one connection. Ensure peace of mind with our best-in-class technical support and expertise in international ISDN service.

Cost-effective Global Reach

Partner with Tata Communications and enjoy the benefits of global call termination without the usual monetary and time investment. We offer ISDN towards 385 fixed and mobile destinations in 110 countries.