Our Roaming services leverage our signaling expertise for superior service performance. Fully carrier grade, with 24×7 operational support, we offer comprehensive, turn-key and feature-rich managed services. You grow ARPU, provide quality of service and offer breadth of reach.

Intelligent CAMEL eXchange (ICX)

The Intelligent CAMEL eXchange (ICX) enables mobile operators to significantly reduce the time frame and cost of implementing and testing international CAMEL roaming relationships. Tata Communications’ Intelligent CAMEL eXchange increases the uptake of roaming services with high-quality reach to new destinations.

Managed Roaming Service (Steering of Roaming)

Our Managed Roaming service empowers you to steer your outbound roaming subscribers towards preferred networks. Direct subscribers onto partner and/or preferred networks where advantageous roaming agreements have been established or best service selections can be ensured.

In addition to the cost benefits, the controlled selection of networks ensures improved customer service and satisfaction.