We are positioned to be the best-in-class IGP, offering a robust and diversified STP network for Mobile Signaling Services. We offer value-added solutions across our network that enable you to extend relationships and increase ARPU.

SCCP (Signaling Connection Control Part)

Our SCCP service is a reliable, secure and full-featured intercarrier signaling transport service that meets the needs of both ANSI and ITU operators. Leverage our far-reaching best-in-class signaling network, the world’s largest on-net footprint, multiple access options and numerous global Points of Presence (PoPs) for reliable transport of critical roaming and SMS signaling traffic. Our service includes Number Portability support for countries like the USA, Canada, Brazil and Hong Kong.

STP Transit

Our STP Transit service lets you exchange roaming traffic on your international point codes with Tata Communications’ signaling network while retaining full control over GTT Management.

  • Circumvent regulatory limitations on use of signaling gateways
  • Retain control over MSC/STP routing capabilities
  • Efficient solution for accessing hub platforms

Wireless Global Roaming (WGR)

Our Wireless Global Roaming service enables MNOs (GSM and ESMR) to offer their subscribers the option of international roaming to and from North America. Our service converts signaling messages between American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard. With number portability and direct termination to major North American networks, our service is the world’s most widely used ANSI/ITU conversion service.

Intelligent Routing Service (IRS)

The IRS service offers a unique method of intelligent routing, allowing you greater flexibility and control in concurrently managing bilateral and hub-based traffic. Our service offers a centralized point of aggregation for SMS and Roaming Hub connectivity wherein both bilateral and hub traffic is screened, segregated and intelligently routed to the right destination.

SMART (Signaling, Monitoring and Reporting Tool)

SMART delivers a clear, immediate view of roaming and messaging signaling traffic through a user-friendly web-based business intelligence tool. With real-time visibility, monitoring and control of signaling traffic, you can ensure the highest quality support for your customers. SMART enables you to be responsive to your customer needs and proactive with your own.

SMART also enables you to add new SCCP destinations through its customer self-service interface.