Dedicated Global Ethernet

Seamless Delivery

Low-cost, industry-standard Ethernet interfaces are found in almost every piece of telecommunications equipment manufactured today enabling an easy transition to this popular protocol for both you and your end users. Non-interrupting upgrades to your subscribed bandwidth provide flexibility to meet your evolving customer traffic needs.

Flexible Solutions

Purchase what you need today and as your sales increase, upgrade the required bandwidth. Improve your cash flow by increasing your bandwidth as your customer base grows, enabling you to more closely match your incoming revenue to outgoing bandwidth expense.

Global Reach

Tata Communications delivers carrier-grade Ethernet technology benefits seamlessly and securely across its advanced carrier class network connecting Europe, North America, Asia and India. We provide services to all the major business centers on a single platform. Gain access to one of the worlds fastest growing economies, India, with our extensive single provider network touching over 120 Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.