Ethernet Over MPLS

Ethernet over MPLS (E_MPLS) Service offers layer-2 connectivity, allowing you to improve your bandwidth cost to usage ratio by building a virtual infrastructure between our PoPs or to key overseas Internet exchanges.

We offer end-to-end, transparent, flexible connectivity to seamlessly transport your data over our MPLS-enabled network.

Market-Leading Performance

Enjoy reliable, high performance Ethernet connectivity around the world with high-quality connections across our optical Internet backbone. We offer Ethernet, fast Ethernet, or gigabit Ethernet local loop interfaces to fit your needs.

Customer-Centric Delivery

Choose between fixed or usage-based billing to fit your needs, and rest assured that with 24×7 network monitoring by our Global Network Management Center, your Ethernet will deliver unmatched reliability. We provide industry-leading service level agreement coverage for network availability, round trip delays and packet loss to back up our service for optimal assurance.