We offer an industry-leading package of Voice solutions for Carriers. Our Voice Termination Services enable you to pass on the burden of ensuring high quality international call completion to a trusted partner.

Voice Termination Service (VTS) Prime

Choose VTS Prime to deliver exceptional voice quality for international calls. VTS Prime is an end-to-end voice termination service that delivers the retail quality you need across the world, at competitive international termination rates. We support you with an easy-to-implement solution and proactive,24×7 customer support, so you can concentrate your efforts on delivering an exceptional experience for your customers.

Voice Termination Service (VTS)

For the highest quality in call completion, at a low and manageable price you need our Voice Termination Service to reliably connect to the world. VTS delivers end-to-end termination in partnership with our retail customers, optimizing both price and performance.

Voice Termination Service (VTS) Economy

You want to connect to the world at market-leading rates. VTS Economy offers you access to destinations worldwide at flexible rates and a variety of quality levels to fit your needs and budget. Is self-managed routing strategically right for you? Are you a sophisticated router looking for market-leading rates for worldwide destinations, even if they are temporary? Choose VTS Economy for the most flexible, cost-effective solution.

Access Services

Gain global access and enhance reach with our complete range of services, from international and universal toll-free services to our local number services. Our flexible routing capabilities provide high quality call solutions at competitive rates.


Carry ISDN traffic minus an operating agreement. For international data calling, you simply connect to our network. We handle settlement with the terminating carrier and bill you per minute.

Audiotext Services

Our Audiotext Service transports voice, data and online information services that are accessible via the international public phone network. We manage termination to various international destinations for exceptional global reach. Our superior transport and reliability deliver guaranteed satisfaction for your subscribers.