Enterprise Voice

International Toll-Free Services (ITFS)

Our complete range of toll-free services, with unparalleled routing flexibility, lets you choose the options that complement your offerings. We can meet your needs for conferencing, calling card, call center and business support applications.

Universal International Free Phone Number (UIFN)

Our unified toll-free number service is ideal for customers seeking a Universal International Free Phone Number (UIFN) that spans more than 45 countries. Enable simplified and universal marketing campaigns with a single UIFN that reaches multiple countries.

Local Number Service

Local Number Service gives your organization additional flexibility to offer network access using local numbers (also called DID, DDI or geographical numbers). Our offering complements your existing Toll Free numbers.

Voice Termination Service (VTS) Prime

Choose VTS Prime to deliver exceptional voice quality for international calls. VTS Prime is an end-to-end voice termination service that delivers the retail quality you need across the world, at competitive international termination rates.

Contact Center Solutions

When your customers and workforce span multiple markets, efficiency is critical for success.
Tata Communications gives you the opportunity to unleash the productivity of your distributed workforce through our Cloud Based ICR/IVR IP platform.