False Answer Supervision

What is FAS?

False Answer Supervision (FAS) occurs when providers terminate calls fraudulently, resulting in the calling party being overcharged for calls, or charged for calls that were never completed.

Tata Communications understands the critical importance of eliminating FAS in order to maintain high levels of call quality and customer satisfaction. Our stand is simple: we will not tolerate fraud on our network and are taking proactive measures to ensure that our partners support and work with us to achieve this goal.

Our Stand Against FAS

Tata Communications is undertaking comprehensive and proactive measures to eliminate FAS from our network. We monitor and measure key network parameters so we can take real-time action against potential instances of FAS before customers even know a problem exists.

Once FAS has been confirmed through comprehensive testing of suspicious routes, we implement a process which includes a close monitoring and the creation of a watch list and a Chronic FAS Supplier List. Finally, terminating all commercial relationships with any suppliers who refuse to improve their service within a specific time frame.