Whether you are a fixed or mobile operator, your end users want to use multimedia-based applications regardless of location and access. In this increasingly converged world, IPX is key. Our solution allows every IP-enabled provider to interwork on one platform to optimize reach, flexibility and efficiency and to improve and introduce new services.

Improve Your Business Focus

Our IPX solution allows you to securely interconnect wireless networks over an IP backbone to provide you with a more flexible, streamlined solution so you can focus on core business competencies. Take advantage of the new opportunities IP delivery affords you by extending communities and services seamlessly between the fixed and mobile operators.

Partner with an Industry-leading Innovator

Tata Communications is a pioneer in the transport of voice and signaling communications, having completed trials with GSMA’s IP eXchange (IPX) to validate technical and commercial specifications. As a trial partner, we influenced the design and implementation of such framework to ensure that the platform is able to support IPX services and integrated offerings to service providers worldwide.

Let us improve your Efficiency

Seamlessly and efficiently deliver all applications via the same pipe. With end-to-end QoS, our converged approach enables consistent and predictable service delivery, so you can best meet the diverse and evolving requirements of your customers.